Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hayley Richman - Teardrop - 2015

Alright, so maybe you like it, maybe you don't.  All I know is once I started hearing her cover songs, I could see definite talent and deserved of a following.  This is my latest entry in my "Pleasantly Surprised" series.  It's nice to hear quality, amateur cover versions of some of my favorite 80s, 90s and up alternative songs. And she has chosen some of the best.

Hayley doesn't have an album that I know of.  It's just her on vocals and her dad on instrumentation.  It appears that they have a little studio set up in their living room or family room, and they sing songs for video on Youtube.  It's a very simple thing.  But, the quality of the recording is CD ready.  She sounds, I guess, a little like Fiona Apple, with a higher pitch.  It's apparent that she isn't classically trained, and that she's emulating styles, but what rock star is classically trained?  They've recorded several dozen tracks, but I picked my favorites and burned them here.  If you look for her on Youtube, you will find more and different tracks, maybe you can download them and make your own CD.

Anyway, the cover is one of the very few pics that you can find of her online.  And the library on back is a stock photo from the internet.

I know it seems risky now, but give it a shot.  The worst that can happen is you don't like it and you delete it off your hard drive.  Just try it!