Wednesday, June 15, 2016

OMD - The Pacific Age - 1986

Definitely a band that is in my top 5 personal favorites, OMD's Pacific Age was a staple of my Freshman year in High School.  I know that If You Leave isn't technically supposed to be on this album, but I remember that I couldn't listen to this album without it.  I had the 45-rpm of it and I taped it onto the end of the album cassette because there was enough blank room for it.

It really sort of pissed me off, though, when I got the greatest hits album and only Live and Die was on there.  Yes, I know that the other singles off this album weren't super, but they were better than some of the other singles they left on there.  Regardless, the singles and mixes from this album are a lot of fun and rather Pop sounding, less New Wave.  It was a typical album for that time, fitting in well with Wang Chung, George Michael, PSB's first album and DM's Black Celebration.

I had fun enhancing this cover, giving depth to the lettering.  Although I am somewhat disappointed that I didn't put all of the singles picture sleeves on it, I think it turned out well.

Enjoy, you'll like it.


  1. mate you are really making my day - driving now through central Europe - listening to this - what a pleasure

  2. Just wanted to say that since stumbling across your blog about three weeks ago, it has now become my No.1 site that I visit when I get home from work each night. Your obvious love of what you do, the thought put into assembling the tracklists and the effort and skill put into the covers make your site a joy to visit. Really loving your Furs and Cure compilations. Please keep up the good work. I'm sure that there are many more people than me who appreciate it. Love from Manchester UK Pete

  3. Guys, you don't know how happy it makes me to read your comments. As I get older, there are fewer and fewer people out there that I know who appreciate the music I love. To find those of the same mind makes me feel like I have brothers all over the world. Thanks.

  4. Before iTunes, etc., this record was extremely difficult to find because it was the only OMD album which was deleted and out of print, starting not long after it was originally released. Great OMD music.

  5. I'd like to add to the comments above that I recently stumbled upon your blog and REALLY appreciate the work you put in to "completing" an album by adding in the b-sides and mixes. I LOVE it, and appreciate it! I'll be visiting your site frequently, enjoying each trip down the 80's memory lane!! :)

  6. My very first (and favorite) OMD - only ever had it on cassette. Nice to be able to add it to the playlist in the car again - this time digitally! Thanks!! Great stuff.

  7. Damn, that looks like an official cover. Very nice work indeed. 'Pacific' is my least favourite OMD album (funny how it seems to get very different reactions on either side of the Atlantic), but the collection wouldn't be complete without it and your artwork makes it look distinctly more appealing.

    1. Why, thank you. I try to just dress up what the original art was, so I can't claim credit for it being pretty, just better.