Saturday, October 1, 2016

Descendents - Milo Goes To College - 1982

When my parents finally gave up on keeping me from "secular" Rock N Roll, one of the first albums I bought, at the behest of my pseudo-skate friends, was the Descendents MGTC.   I had listened to them with friends before, and loved their music, so it wasn't to much for me to slap down my hard-earned for a little straight-edge Punk Rock from California.

I think that if there hadn't been a Descendents (and a Stiff Little Fingers) then there would never have been a Green Day.  The Descendents were Green Day before there was a Green Day.  The Descendents had great vocals, awesome pop-hooks and hilarious yet serious lyrics.  Just like Green Day...

The best tracks on this one start about track 7, which is after the Bonus Fat EP tracks, and the actual first track to the album.  They roll through about 6 tracks before they start to cool off and blend together.  Myage, Marriage, Bikage.  But the BEST track Tonyage, and it's only 56 seconds long.  Fantastic.  This one even has Wienerschnitzel, the track that had a cameo in the Christian Slater movie Pump Up the Volume.

This is one of the albums that I pull out when I want to reminisce about my teen years in the big old CHICAGO, my favorite town.  I still remember the girl that introduced me to them.  Her name was Sharon, and most of the boys made fun of her.  I felt bad about that.  Anyway, we were on our way to school on a fall morning, and she popped it in the tape deck, and sang every song, all the way to school.  I just sat in the back seat with another kid, and stared out the window...

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  1. Thanks for the download link, yay also reminiscing of being a teenager & enjoying this classic release of Descendents.