Sunday, October 30, 2016

Frozen Plasma - Momentum - 2009

Stupid, stupid watermark.  Every time I load a new cover up, I see that fucking stupid little circle thingie.  Drives me crazy...

I discovered this band when I learned of the obscure music genre of Futurepop or Darkwave.  I found them when I found VNV and De:Vision, etc.  They aren't anything spectacular, but they are another great band writing songs that sound a bit dark, a bit EBM, a lot electronic, a hint of Industrial, and roots in Depeche Mode, Cause & Effect, and the likes.  Another set to add to your Futurepop library.

I got lazy on this one, only making one cover and forcing you to either pack it into a single case, or labelling each cover so you can recognize 1 from 2.  I've got the album up front, and mixes on the back.  I had to compile the album plus an EP and a single to make this one.  And, if you've seen the original cover, this one's a definite improvement.

Side note, my electricity went out for about 3 seconds and turned my computer off.  Now, though, I can't access my external hard drive that has all of my music on it.  I can get to all the rest, just not that one.  My computer says it doesn't recognize it.  If I've lost that drive, I have no more music.  If I have no more music, then I only have what's left on my primary hard drive, which puts us right at a month, and then I'm done.  Let's pray I can figure out what's wrong with this drive, or I could have to call it quits for lack of material....


  1. unplug your drive and plug back in again (the usb)

  2. That happened to me once before and I lost alot of music files. Decided if it happens again I'll be prepared. I now have three copies of all my music on three sets of hard drives. Yes I have 18 external hard drives full of stuff, and some things uploaded on 5 different cloud storage sites. Yes I'm a nut now when it comes to my music files.