Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fluke - 1997 & Oakenfold - 2002

 I'm getting ready to go to the annual Asian Food Festival being held at an arena here in town, so I'm going to make these quick and easy

Up first, at the peak of the Electronica craze of the late 90s, Fluke was a strong second-tier player in the field.  They had made some incredible remixes for some of my favorite artists, I enjoyed their Atom Bomb for Wipeout, so this album was a natural necessity.  It's pretty good.  But, it already pushes the 80minute CD envelope, an doesn't have any b-sides, and just a few mixes.  So, aside from the one additional mix, this is a straight up album release.  It's pretty cool...

A huge fan of Paul Oakenfold, I was pretty hyped when this one came out.  It remained entirely cool for me for about a year, but then tracks started to lose their coolness.  In the end, only a few of the tracks have really stood the test of time for me, but I look back on this one with a sense of fondness.  Ready Steady Go is an absolute rocker.  I always turn that one up.

Now, I'm off to sample some Asian cuisine.  Whether it be homecooking, street food or restaurant quality, I don't know, but I'm dying to find out.  I am working toward starting my own Food Truck with an Asian Street Food theme, so tonight is a definite necessity.  I am to the the point where all I need is the $$$ and I can open up.  I have the skills, knowledge, research and concept ready to go.  So, if you have about 75,000 you're willing to bet on my success, I'd love to take your money and try.....   Yeah I thought so.  ;)

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