Friday, October 21, 2016

Airstream - Ricky Tick - 1992

I'll have to admit the only Airstream disc I actually purchased was the Airstream by Airstream disc, as it was recognizably a Me Company cover.  After seeing the Shamen covers and hearing their awesome music, I was certain that Airstream would be spectacular.  But....  well, you all already know.

There isn't anything wrong with Airstream, just not what I expected and not as solid as I thought they could be.  They seem to fall a little to the trendy wannabe side of Madchester.  Am I wrong?  They essentially sounded like every other Madchester band out there.  That isn't always a bad thing. As long as you're in to Madchester.

If you haven't heard these guys before, you're not going to be surprised by anything, nor overwhelmed with admiration with what they've released.  It's an average band who released some average songs.  A few of them will tick up here and there, but for the most part, you'll feel as if you've already heard this one before.

So, if that's how I feel, why did I take the time to post it?

First, I love their logo.  Second, I really do like their song called Airstream.  It's fun and captures the heart of Madchester.  Third, it's Madchester, good or bad, and I really don't mind listening to it.  Lastly, I'm an obsessive/compulsive digital hoarder.  If I've got one, I have to have them all.  If I have some, I have to have every.  That's the nub of it.

I've got all of their b-sides and a couple of their better mixes.  As for the cover, that is the actual cover, I just added some layers to make the shadows and such.  Not a bad cover....


  1. I happen to LOATHE "Madchester" with a mighty passion, and think that this is one THE best albums of the early 90s, period. "Airsteam" is great, but "Crush" is beyond words.

    Bizarre factoid - the 12"/CD of "Follow Through" (but not the album!) is available on the Amazon MP3 store.

  2. I investigated this album a while back, having become fascinated with the career of lead singer Johnny Male. I would say this is one of his lesser efforts, better than anything he did with the puzzlingly popular Republica, but not as good as any of his collaborations with Guy Batson (Soul Family Sensation, Sensation, Cheapglue, songwriting for Sarah Cracknell).

    1. Johnny Male is the guitarist here. The lead vocalist is Cymon Eckel.

  3. KC,any chance of a reup before your break?? Cheers mate.

  4. Brilliant stuff mate.Many thanks.