Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Fixx - Reach the Beach - 1983

I really want to post some good stuff on this album, because it more than deserves it.  But, I am in a really fucking bad mood, so bear with me.  I could choke a mother fucker right now.  Do you ever get tired of working for stupid people?  I mean, we all have to work WITH stupid people, but to work FOR them.  You work for them, and they're fucking idiots, and you can't point it out because you could jeopardize your job or position.  What the fuck is that all about, anyway?  You'd think they'd appreciate knowing when they are letting their stupid leak out like a booger hanging out their nose.  Because once you see their stupid hanging out, it's hard to see anything else.

Anyway, I feel a little better. 

I remember the singles from this album back in the 80s intermixed with all the other 80s songs I remember.  Pretty good, but nothing I was going to get worked up about.  Then, in 1997, an employee of mine when I was managing restaurants, suggested I listen to the entire album as it was wonderful.  (Before I could do that, though, he got fired for pinching a female co-worker's nipple with his chef's tongs.)  I finally got around to listening to it in mid-2004, and I remember being thoroughly impressed.  This one would again fit in with my "pleasantly surprised" category.  I'd almost call it something in between New Wave and Prog/Classic Rock.  A unique and attractive sound.

The singles are great, and the b-sides (as some of you may remember) were difficult to find.  The mixes are great, and I love the original cover, so I didn't change it much.  I just messed with the font a bit, and gave it some depth...

Anyway, I'm going to go try and relax with the fam, as work SUCKED DICK today, and I need a fucking break from idiocy.


  1. Sorry your day sucked. I can relate.


    Technically speaking, Deeper And Deeper kinda belongs more with Phantoms. Though perhaps you weren't/aren't going to do Phantoms, in which case it fits just fine and dandy right here.

    Those (two albums) are/were definitely their greatest moments. If you're not familiar with them, I would highly recommend digging around and finding (producer) Rupert Hine's solo albums from this period, especially 83's The Wildest Wish To Fly. He was on a pretty hot streak during that era - Fixx/Saga/Howard Jones/Tina Turner, plus Man On The Line, the best record Chris De Burgh ever made by a large distance. But the combination was best with The Fixx. When you hear his own albums, there's a very definite "older/younger" brothers vibe to them.

    1. Oh my gosh, SO AGREED about Chris de Burgh! I love "Flying Colours" (mainly for "Carry Me," which never fails to make me cry whenever I listen to it), but "Man on the Line" is just superb from start to finish. There's not a single weak track on that album, and it doesn't hurt that Tina Turner guests on a song, either.

      One more tidbit about Rupert Hine -- he also produced Stevie Nicks's "The Other Side of the Mirror," which I think is by FAR her best solo album (well, okay, "Bella Donna" is pretty great, too). "Rooms on Fire" seriously sounds like something he could have done himself.

  2. I think this is the first album you've posted where I already have everything...but as the album and band are excellent and deserving of much more love than they've gotten from the masses since their heyday, I hope someone new discovers them through this post. They're a band worthy of digging deeper (and deeper) into their back catalogue. Start with Shuttered Room and keep going. The latest album, Beautiful Friction, is great.


      *scurries off to Amazon to order it*

    2. well, it's not THAT new (2012)...but it is a good one. The single "Anyone Else" is classic Fixx. There's a new album in the works but no news on when that one comes out. If they come to a town near you, I strongly suggest making the effort to see them. They put on a killer live show - Cy is always entertaining and the band is tight.

  3. Great Post!
    Dani (Brasil)