Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tin Tin - Kiss Me - 1982

Now, here's one dude you HAVE to feel sorry for.  Lead singer of a band, struggling to get discovered.  He quits the band, the band gets a new lead singer.  The band gets discovered, go on to become possibly the biggest sensation of the 80s.  And every one else asks  "Who is Stephen Duffy?"  That's GOT to hurt.

These are his first two singles that I've collected into an EP of sorts.  It's Stephen's first outing after leaving Duran Duran.  He obviously was trying the New Wave thing here, before he drifted into that Post Punk sound with the Lilac Time.  It's not a bad disc, but it's a far cry from D2.

You almost wonder what would have happened in the 80s if Mr Duffy had stayed and Mr LeBon had never been found.  Was Simon destined for greatness?  Was D2 in the right place at the right time, or was it Simon's vocals that made them great?  I just now listened to the GOF demo with Stephen Duffy singing, and although it WAS a demo, it was crap compared with the official version.

Anyway, enjoy this little one, it ain't bad, and will fit nicely in your 80s New Wave folder or on your CD shelf.  That's where I have mine.


  1. No offense but he is no Simon LeBon. Lebon had the whole cavalier thing gong strong for him, with the swagger of a playboy, not unlike Tom Jones, but not too sexy so you could still respect him. Hard to say if Duffy would have been as popular if he had not been so Notorious for once being their first lead singer. I think things turned out for the best for both parties.

  2. The Girls on Film demo isn't with Stephen Duffy singing. Duffy had nothing to do with that song. The majority of the Duffy-era Duran Duran songs are on the album he did with Nick Rhodes under the name The Devils. And they are great!

    1. Who is singing in that demo, then? That's not Simon... Is it John? Who could it be?

    2. Hi, looks like it was someone called Andy Wickett ( - I know they went through a few singers after Duffy left and before Simon took them to fame and fortune. Cheers, Jake.