Saturday, October 15, 2016

Stone Roses - Second Coming - 1994

Having gotten into the Stone Roses too late to appreciate their debut and rise to fame, I eagerly anticipated their release of Second Coming.  We all know that Second Coming was a long time coming, so by the time this hit the shelves, the craze was through the roof.  I prepared myself to me amazed....


I thought my dreams had come true while I listened to Breaking Into Heaven for the first time.  And, by all rights, it's a spectacular song, one of their best.  But, as the album progressed, I began to wonder why I had even gotten so excited.  Yes, the songs are better than a lot of other songs by a lot of other artists, and this album still ranks up there in one of the best Brit Rock albums.  But, I would probably put it in the 120s or 130s in ranking.  I expected way more than I got.

Yes, I still collected all the singles and all the b-sides, and I know this album inside and out.  But, when I think of the best of the Stone Roses, hardly anything comes from this album.  Sorry, guys.

But, if you are a Ian Brown/Stone Roses completist, you have to have it.  I even have those shitty albums by John Squire, too....


  1. Should be "How Do You Sleep", not "Hou". :) And I think track 90 was called "The Foz"?

  2. This is why Photoshop needs spell check. Curses Curses.

  3. I was so disappointed in this when it came out. I loved their first album so much -- pretty much every track on it was absolutely amazing -- but this one just felt like a letdown.

    Though to be honest, my favorite SR track wasn't on either album - that would be "Sally Cinnamon." Far and away their best song, at least for me!

  4. It's one of the most underrated albums ever, IMO, it would have to be in my top 5 albums of all time (I'm 47, btw). Debut album wouldn't rank top 100. It's what ISN'T on that album - Fool's Gold, One Love, Sally, So Young, Tell Me, hell, even Elephant Stone isn't on it.

    You're right about John Squire's singing - he can't, unlike say, Bernard Butler. Marshall's House has great guitar, but when he opens his mouth - Oh dear.

  5. Gonna download it and give it another shot.... this has always been an album I feel nothing but disappointment towards. I reckon there are about 3 great songs, 2 good songs and a WHOOOLE lot of filler on it. Oddly, 2 of the b-sides (from 10 Story Love Song - "Moses" and "Ride On") are quite class and could easily have replaced some of the wankier stuff that made the cut.
    I recall hating the 2 b-sides on the "Love Spreads" 12-inch single that I sold it in a hurry. Of course, these days I wish I had held onto it, sure I only got a dollar or two in trade-value back then...

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