Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why not?

I've run into a couple of stumbling blocks on my journey through making and posting these "new" albums.  Some are easy to fix, some are not so easy.  One of them that consistently has been popping up, especially recently, is as follows, as it's difficult to give it a name....

I only want to post albums that I like, that have additional material and that haven't already been released as extended expanded editions.  I keep finding albums that I would LOVE to post, but the existing expanded editions are already better than I could make them, and also come with better covers.  I would hate to post an album that has already been collected and then give it a sub-standard cover.  And if I simply posted it without a new cover, then what's the point?  There are a dozen other blogs that already do that, and I am trying to do it differently than the rest.

SO, if you ever wonder "Why hasn't he posted this album yet?", it's more than likely is because it's already been done, and not that I don't like the group or album.

I felt the need to point all of this out because I am planning my January posts (can you believe I'm already done with all my December albums?!) and I keep coming back to albums that have already been done, and it's really pissing me off.  Maybe one week or month I'll just have to post all of the albums that already have collected editions, just to get them out of the way....  We'll see.

Techno Rave week starts on the 12th of Dec.  I wanted to point that out because several other blogs have started posting Techno releases from the 90s and I've had these done for weeks already.  Frustrating.

Compilation week starts the 23rd of January, so look forward to that.  They aren't going to be Greatest Hits for particular groups, but compilations of individual songs by lots of groups.  Should be interesting.  I've built and scrapped a dozen different ideas over the past week, but I still have a month and a half to get some cherry arrangements together.

Anyway, off to tonight's post.


  1. Can't wait for the comps -- they sound like fun! That was actually what I was going to suggest -- a comp of "fun" songs. You know, just songs that you think are bouncy and fun that bring a smile to your face. In the cold days of winter, we could all use some smiles and fun to brighten things up a bit!

    Just a suggestion! No need to take it to heart, just thought I'd put the idea out there!

  2. God only knows how many compilation cassette tapes I made back in the good old 80's. I loved making them!! Will be eagerly looking forward to what you have in store for us! Cheers!!