Monday, November 28, 2016

Siouxsie & the Banshees - Superstition - 1991

This one came out my Freshman year in college, shortly after I got back from Basic Training for the Air Force.  I had never been a huge fan of the Banshees (and I'm still not, to this day), but this album did have a few pop songs on it that attracted me.  I thought, after the glorious releases of Disintegration, Violator, Technique, Bona Drag and Wild!, that I'd get another group to add to the list of excellence that were my idols.


This album is good, I'll give you that.  I really enjoy the singles, and the b-sides, and there are a couple of album tracks that stand out as examples of some superior craftsmanship.  Albeit, I think Hague's production also had a direct influence on what was released.  I think this album helped bring the Banshees more into the mainstream pop music of the time, right on the cusp of the Alternative Boom in the 90s.

But, to this day, as I've said before, I can't stand Siouxsie's voice.  It drives me fucking bananas.  Musically, the band is superb.  I'm sure that if there was another vocalist, they would've been much more successful.  I just think her voice is an acquired taste.  You either love it, or you hate it.  Obviously, a lot of people like it, or they wouldn't have made it as far as they did.

So, although I'm not horribly fond of her, this album (and the rest of the band for that matter) are pretty fucking good.  My mix tapes of that era always include one or two of their tracks. 

I didn't want to fuck with a Van Gogh, so I left the cover exactly as it appeared.  But, I couldn't find a good scan of it on the internet, so my version looks a little shitty.  If anyone has a better scan, please send it my way...


  1. Track down the Creatures Bestiary comp of Feast and the early singles. That's her (and Budgie's) best moment.

  2. You've done absolutely superb work on this blog KC2, do you have a paypal tips jar, I'd like to send a few quid?

    1. Oh, no. I couldn't do that. This is a joy for me to do. Plus, I wouldn't feel right after giving away so much music that isn't mine to give away.

  3. Hey buddy, here it goes.

    First off I have no clue you served. Thank you for that.
    Second of all, thanks for looking past your dislike of Siouxsie's pipes and enjoy such a lush almost Roxie Music like album. Shadowtime won me over immediately. And I have a mix of it (unsure if it's an official mix or fan made) called The Eclipse Mix.

    Although most people do recognise them for Peek-A-Boo, this I think was their strongest album. And thank you for keeping the art nouveau inspired cover. Down to the logo lettering it's just gorgeous.

    So, thank you very much. It means a lot.

    P.S., yeah The Creatures projects were pretty great as well. Bundgie let loose on his drums on that than in the main albums.

    P.P.S. I saw one of their last shows here in Seattle. And I got to wave at the band during rehearsal. Damn near squealed like a little girl. I was 25 at the time. LOL.

    1. Thank you, Max. I'm probably eventually going to do Anima Animus sometime around the middle of next year, and maybe Boomerang. But, we'll cross that bridge when we get there,,,,

    2. I can see where you're coming from about Siouxsie's voice -- it CAN be kind of annoying at times, but I love the band's music so much that I can overlook that. It's their SONGS that really grab me -- so many of them are really strong melody-wise and have such catchy hooks that her voice doesn't bother me. Songs like "The Last Beat of My Heart," Kiss Them For Me" and "Cities in Dust" just grabbed me from the first time I heard them. I'm not a big fan of her voice, but the songs won me over completely, so I can proudly say that I'm a fan of this band.

  4. Hi Kid. Very interesting; I came across this album when I was in Tech School for the Air Force. Though, unlike you, I love this album and Siouxsie's voice. This album has been in heavy rotation for decades in my home. Matter of fact, I'm listening to it right now. Stellar album!

  5. so as a 16 year old aussie punk rocker, I loved Siouxsie's voice from day one. But I enjoy the critic, because I can hear / know the sound you dislike. She is almost untrained, but Siouxsie is so PASSIONATE and EMOTIVE, She is an old punk rocker that wants the world to hear her, and so they should. Music currently , can be a bit bland, Siouxsie Isn't and never will be.
    The Bands I like now have a sound or type, a style, or (mainly) Sound. But I will never ever forget or dismiss punk!