Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Chime - From Fairies To Fire - 2016

Alright, I think I've already stated that I'm not a huge Dubstep fan, as I think it's trendy and will disappear as a fad before Trump leaves the White House.  BUT, there is some fun stuff out there that I think we should pay attention to.  If anything, to keep us current and hip for the moment, so our kids won't dismiss us and laugh at us (at least my 15-year-old does.)

Chime is one of those performers who has taken the form of Dubstep, but turned it on it's head, giving it an electronic Synth-Pop sound that has melody and depth, making it interesting to listen to.  Why the Dub crowd insists on releasing 4 song EPs, I don't know, but the genre seems to distance itself from anything more than 6 songs.  So, I've collected the tracks I could find, plus his mixes from this past year. 

They should be a tasty little treat for some fun tonight after an evening of stress and anxiety.  I'm glad the election is over, but I have a feeling that the war has just begun.  Just watch.....

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