Friday, November 18, 2016

The Bolshoi - Friends - 1986

Never heard of the Bolshoi until the internet arrived.  I don't know how I missed them.  They were a mysterious obscure band that was new to me, but harkened back to that 80s sound that I'm so in love with.  They sound like James, Simple Minds, Echo & the Bunnymen, sort of that Post Punk, borderline Jangle Pop sound from the mid 80s.

I have no personal attachment to the album, other than I really like it, wished there was more, and a fine addition to my Post Punk catalog.  The original version of A Way is great, but they redid it a year later, and it was horrible.  They took out the purity and rawness of the song and tried to accentuate the vocals, glossing the music, and turning it more into a commercial Pop song, but they failed.  It was a pathetic try.  BUT, the version here is great.

I loved the original cover, but thought I could make it a little more professional looking, give it a little more depth.  Maybe I failed, maybe not.  Up to you to decide, I guess....


  1. Oh, I LOVE this album. One of my favorites of the 80s -- and I liked their next one, "Lindy's Party," just as much. In a perfect world, this band would have been HUGE. It's a shame they never got more recognition.

  2. I'm with Angsty...'Lindy's Party' and 'Happy Boy' too.