Saturday, November 26, 2016

Orbital - the Blue Album - 2004

Not really much to change on this one, only slightly better than the original.  And, I don't know if adding their name in the middle detracts from the cover or not.  I always hated when bands didn't put their names on their covers.  Stupid.

The Blue album was supposedly their last, until they came back five years later and made Don't Stop Me/the Gun Is Good, then three more years with Wonky and Pusher.  Now, it's been four years, let's see if they come back again.  Not counting their soundtracks, I think this is probably their second worst album.  Not that it's a bad album, it's just not as good as all the rest of them.  Of course, One Perfect Sunrise and Acid Pants are classic Orbital, but I also really dig You Lot, a masterfully foreboding piece about genetic engineering.  Pretty cool.

Thanksgiving was good, we didn't do much other than eat.  I also sat around and watched Youtube, watching all the idiots acting the fool on Black Friday.  It's almost become a tradition around our house to sit and watch all the fights and insanity that people post from their shopping adventures.  Why anyone still goes out and does that anymore is beyond me, it's just not worth it.


  1. An overly harsh assessment of this album, in my view. I thought it was pretty good, albeit not classic.

  2. Hello KidChaso Is This The Earl Grey Your Looking For

  3. Came across you blog looking for more Ultravox stuff and I'm really enjoying lots of posts. We have lots of tastes in common.
    Thanks for sharing so many great bands!

    Regards from Brazil

  4. Here Yer Go KidChaso2 Earl Grey Purveyors Of The New Groove

  5. Here Yer Go KidChaso2 Earl Grey Purveyors Of The New Groove

  6. And the left side starts when the fun starts......or something yyyyyeeeeesssss