Monday, November 21, 2016

Ian Broudie & the Lightning Seeds - Smoke Rings & the Four Winds - 2005 & 2009

Technically, there is no such group as Ian Broudie & the Lightning Seeds.  There's also no such album as Smoke Rings & the Four Winds.  But, they are two separate releases, Ian's last solo outing and the last Lightning Seeds album.  Both, are soft and eloquent, but wholly ineffective and forgettable.  It's nice to hear Ian's voice, again, though.

After these releases, Ian released an album with the Wild Swans, and produced Miles Kane's albums.  Other than that, nothing.  Supposedly, he's busy in his home studio, doing what, I don't know.  And if you go to the official Lightning Seeds website, you get nothing but a white screen.  I know that he's been busy for 3 decades, but it's sad to see such a talented musician and songwriter finally call it quits.

But, don't be too disturbed, I still have a couple of his albums to post, yet.  But, enjoy this one, while we're at it.


  1. I'm so saddened to hear that Broudie has apparently called it quits as far as making music. I hope that he keeps producing, at least. He's brilliant at everything he does and I'd hate to see him drop out of the music scene entirely.

    Personally, I'd like to see him work with the recently re-formed Three O'Clock again. His production work on their last studio album, "Vermillion," was incredible, and their cover of the Lightning Seeds' "Love Explosion" on that album was, to my ears, just as good as the original.

  2. Oops, some misinformation on my last comment. Ian RITCHIE produced "Vermillion" for the Three O'Clock -- Broudie produced the album before that, "Ever After." I thought they were both pretty great, though I have to say that the songwriting on "Ever After" impressed me more. Though I still think the cover of "Love Explosion" is great.

  3. Link to Ian Broudie and some pics from their show on Saturday...

    1. So, they're still playing shows, huh? I wonder if they'll write any new material, then..... Can only hope.

  4. New material due 2018, he’s been in and out of the studio all summer :)