Thursday, December 1, 2016

Single Gun Theory - Like Stars In My Hands - 1991

The second post of four in the "WTF?" posts of the week....

So this was just another one of the many groups that I sampled my Freshman year in college.  An Australian band through Canada's Netwerk label, Single Gun Theory can be best described as Synth-Pop with a hint of Gothic/Industrial darkness.  Sort of Darkwave or the likes.  And, they have some great female vocals.

Originally, I just had the CD single of From A Million Miles, and I played it over and over and over.  That song was on many of my compilations from that time period and I once included it on a "soundtrack" that I made for a story I wrote for my Creative Writing class called "Edge To Life".  (Name that artist and album...and guest-vocalist).

It has a very Post Punk/Synth/psuedo-Industrial feel that samples a lot from Indian music which has been stated by the band as a direct influence.  The exotic melodies and instruments intermixed with an almost Manchester-y House-y synthesizer sound and wonderful female harmonies make a lot of the music almost hypnotic at times.

I only had the CD single for the longest time, and finally purchased the CD used at a shop in Omaha Nebraska some time in the mid 00s.  The two singles are obvious stand-outs in quality and pop-influence, but the album as a whole has a magnetic quality that's hard to break.

Now, I have to go pick my son up from Swim practice, so I'll see you all tomorrow...

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