Friday, December 2, 2016

Danielle Dax - Blast the Human Flower - 1990

Post #3 in my 4-part "WTF?" posts....

I had to go to Wikipedia, Allmusic and Entertainment Weekly to read a bit about the album and it's reception and production, because shy of owning the album, liking it, and posting it here, I really don't know a whole lot about Ms Dax.

I bought this album when it came out, probably because of the Sire label and it's awesome cover, maybe because I heard it on the college station, and also to try something different, as I was more apt to experiment with new material back then.  It turned out to be a great album, and a solid purchase, as I still have that original disc that I purchased back in 1990.

Without going into what you can learn from the articles above that I mentioned, I did try and listen to some of her other material throughout years past, and I found it too hard to grasp, as it's rather experimental and probably an acquired taste.  I do know from articles I've read elsewhere that she used to put on quite a fantastic 'stripped down' live show, if you catch my drift.  That would be interesting, to say the least.  I will also mention that I had already felt that her sound on this album was more accessible possibly due to Stephen Street's production, which has really been confirmed via my investigations prior to this post.

All of the songs have their own style and feel, their own pluses and minuses.  My favorites really have to be the Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows,  Big Blue 82, and Jehovah's Precious Stone.  Great songs that fit in well with a lot of the Post Punk/Indie music from the years around the time this was released.  But, all of them each have something that makes them special, it's up to you to find out what you like about them...


  1. Excellent, I have her Dark Adapted Eye (1988, Sire)... good stuff to me. I never got around to listening to this, so Thank you for posting. Looking forward to giving it a listen.

  2. I absolutely love this album. I already had "Dark Adapted Eye" when I got this one and liked it, and when a friend who worked in a record shop played "The Id Parade" off this for me, I was hooked. Those are the only two albums of hers that I have, but I think she's an amazing artist.

    1. Thanks for your comments, ATL. I always love hearing from you. You add a upbeat tone to my downer posts. You're the cat's meow, you are...

    2. Why, thank you kindly, Kid Chaos! It's nice to know that you enjoy my comments! I love your blog -- it's one of the first places I look when I get online every day, and I always look forward to seeing what you're going to post! I think you're pretty great!

  3. Cat-House from DARK ADAPTED EYE still rocks.