Monday, December 26, 2016

George Michael - A Different Corner

I couldn't get back to my computer until just now, and I don't have any album prepared to celebrate his life, so I'll just remember him here, with this.  He was a great artist, and it saddens me to know that he is gone.  Some of his music was essential to me in my life, and I guess I will never see Listening Without Prejudice Volume II.  His style is something I will always admire, and we are definitely at a loss without him...

Goodbye, George.  You will be missed.


  1. Absolutely!
    He has been a part of my musical journey since I was a young boy. I have always cherished Listening without prejudice, and from "too funky" and on, I have been a loyal fan of his work. I just bought Fastlove (single), the Older album and the Patience album, just so I can enjoy them again. I imagine him singing Kissing a fool to my mum in heaven, since that was one of her favorite songs.

  2. I was a great fan. Wham/George michael and A~ha made me want to play music. Even if i went more into Rock (garage/mod/brit), i've never ceased to say my journey began with them. I saw A~ha for the first time this year, but now i know i'll never see George michael live. So long George, your music still resonate.

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