Thursday, December 29, 2016

Police - Reggatta de Blanc - 1979

 When this album came out, I was 7, almost 8.  I wasn't even into music yet.  I was too busy playing with my Star Wars figures, watching Battlestar Galactica, and riding my bike.  Yes, my parents listened to FM Pop Radio in the car, so I'm sure I heard some of these songs back when they were popular, but I don't remember.  When I got their Greatest Hits in 1985, I already knew most of the songs, but I didn't own an actual Police album other than that.

I finally got this one sometime in 1989-1990 (would be my guess).  I know that when I bought it, I was still in High School, but also living in the midwest, after leaving Chicago in 1988.  I graduated in 1990.  ANYWAY...   I got it at a used record store called Recycled Sounds for about 3.00 on scratched vinyl and scruffed-up cover.  I learned most of these songs with the hiss and pop of an old record.  I almost prefer it that way.

This would be my second favorite Police album behind Synchronicity.  There is a little Power Pop, a little Punk, a little Reggae, a little New Wave and a little Rock.  It showed the true diversity in their style, and the melodies are some of their best, despite what Wikipedia says.  Lyrically, meh.  Sting has done better.  But the music is quality.....

I added the b-sides, and since there weren't any actual Police remixes, I added two fan mixes that sound as if they could be actual period mixes.  They are great!

I still don't understand why they would name their album THAT, though. It seems a tad racist...

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  1. It's not a "remix" as such, but there is/was the alternate version of "The Bed's Too Big Without You" from the Six Pack singles collection. And also that pretty bitchin' live version of "Message" that was on the B side of the star-shaped picture disc single.