Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mijk Van Dijk - The Future Is Now - 1992-1993

One of the other MFS discs I purchased that one lucky day, was a disc by an artist called Mind Gear.  I loved that disc, great stuff!  I then learned of another artist, at a different time and place, called Loopzone, from the same label.  Great!  I got that one on vinyl.  THEN, I found another tasty slice of vinyl by an artist called Microglobe, on the same MFS label.  SWEET!  I knew then I loved MFS.  All these great artists making great music.

Then, old school Techno faded, and I moved on to other music....  Time passes.....

So, when I decided to do Techno Rave Week, I said "Hey! I should do a MFS comp of all these great artists!"  So, I started doing the research and homework....  What's this?  Mind Gear is by someone named Mijk Van Dijk.  Why does that name sound familiar?  Hold on, now!  the same guy is also responsible for Loopzone!  Holy cow!  So I researched Mijk Van Dijk only to find out that he was actually all three of those "artists" that I had enjoyed listening to in the 90s, plus a hell of a lot more.

This is a compilation of some of MVD's best works for MFS in the 90s.  He did some great stuff, and is also a definitive slice of German Techno.  Listen up....


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