Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm - 2004

In 2004 and 2005, we saw a Britrock revival like no other.  Kasabian, Art Brut, Killers, Futureheads, The Music, Franz Ferdinand, Bravery, Zutons....  the list goes on forever.  It seemed like every week there was another smash Britrock album coming out, and I was in heaven.  Bloc Party was part of that group with the release of their album Silent Alarm.

There album is great.  It's fresh, lively, powerful and full of pop hooks.  Alone it's great, but I had a fucking blast tracking down all the additional material.  They had a slew of singles in multiple formats and multiple track listings.  They even eventually released the remix compendium just for the first album.  Lots and lots of great stuff.

I love this album, but I must say that their best song is actually Two More Years...  and that was a single that came out between this album and the next.  So, it will wander around in a void until I can find a good compilation to drop it on.  Oh wait, I already did...

Enjoy this one and slide it right up next to that Kasabian compilation I made a month ago or so...

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