Sunday, September 18, 2016

Men At Work - Cargo - 1982

So, the first LP I ever purchased was Business As Usual, but it was only because I had already heard not just Down Under, but also Overkill.  Overkill was the song that made it for me, as far as my liking of MaW.  It would, I guess, be considered Power Pop/New Wave?  Hard to say.  Maybe I'll just file it under Perfect Rock N Roll, because that's what it is.

The great thing about Cargo is that I felt there was no sort of pretensions or expectations with the album's sound.  It was a continuation, and fine-tuning of Business As Usual.  It could be that I may have been young at the time when it came out, but listening to it as an adult, I can't hear anything but pitch-perfect pop hooks that flowed naturally....

After I purchased Business As Usual, I got the Overkill single for my Dad for his birthday (I was only 11.)  He liked it.  Then, we said, "Hey!  Why don't we play side 2!"  Well, the side 2 of my Overkill was Until the Money Runs Out.  That song lasted one playing before my Dad said no more.  I mean, I guess you could call it an instrumental, with a chorus, but when they only repeat that one line two dozen times in a row, it grated on my father's already short nerves.

But, hey.  I liked it!

My version is only slightly different than the re-release.  I hate when they include live tracks on studio albums.  So, I pulled those off.  I tweaked the track listing a bit and made that killer cover...

Have fun...

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  1. OK, I've been offline for AGES, just discovered this blog, doing this in New posts first, then older, rather than random selections.

    Man, have I mentioned this before? You have TASTE. And class.

    Funny thing is for me, Down Under was the song that got me (and I would imagine countless others) into MAW, but now it just sounds like a novelty record.

    Who Can It Be Now is frankly a minimal masterpiece, Overkill is a progression on the 1st album, the track that always does it for me is It's A Mistake.

    Anyway, what more is in store? Hall & Oates? The Cars? Here's hoping...