Thursday, September 1, 2016

Everything But the Girl - Walking Wounded - 1996

My wife and I had been married about 6 months when this album came out in the winter of 1996.  We had gone to Blockbuster Music (remember that?!) and she had listened to it at the listening station and decided to buy it.  I thought it sounded alright, but it was more her than me.  Just like the Bjork Post album, after repeated listening in the car, I fell in love with it.

Unfortunately, the album doesn't have any b-sides, but there are a host of mixes.  I put the best on here, enough to fill up a disc, and slapped a nifty new cover on it using a random "tilt shift" picture from the internet.  I think I hit the nail on the head with it.

At the time, Drum n' Bass hadn't hit full swing, so I wasn't overtired of hearing it.  In fact, it was so new to me, I really enjoyed the sound of it, and found a lot of these mixes to be better than the album. 

I will eventually post mixes from Temperamental, but it's unfortunate that after that they split and their solo work has been less than good.  In fact, it's been rather lackluster and boring. 

Regardless, their shift to Electronica was a smart move and it made an extremely bright moment in their musical careers.


  1. Ahh, another mid 80's gem.... Besides Eden I think this was their best album proper. They really did the unthinkable resurrecting their career as a top 40 pop band. Probably one of the best comebacks/breakthrough releases for a band a good 13 years into their career, and on the verge of being completely written off.
    They took the dance template from the remix of Missing and just ran with it which is kind cool since they could have easily gotten their egos bruised and disowned the remix entirely as they had gotten stuck in a cycle of apathetic MOR adult contemporary.
    Likewise I always associate the Massive Attack material: Better Things, The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game and, Protection as being part of this cycle, one could stretch and add Heatmiser (Suck Me up Dub), as well as the mixes of Driving and Missing and the Adam F track, The Tree Knows Everything, in there as well.

    1. I agree completely. You just said it better than I ever could...

    2. I agree as well!
      Excellent Blog, just discovered you.
      Thanks for doing this, great musical taste.
      I always liked EBTG from the 1st to last LP.
      Keep on doing what you do, you do it well.

  2. There is in fact one sorta/kinda "b-side" from this, that being "Corcovado" from the Red Hot & Rio album.