Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kajagoogoo - White Feathers - B-Sides & Remixes - 1983

I've only ever cared about their Too Shy single, but all said, they aren't THAT bad.  I think they may have had something, and possibly could have gone further had they studied under Nick Rhodes tutelage just a bit longer.  The album itself shows some definite potential, but it seemed a bit rushed and forced.  But, as always, I've been hooked on their extended mixes and b-sides, where I think a lot of the best material lies.

Maybe it's just me, though.  Maybe, I see the album as something to be expected, while the b-sides and mixes are those little extra gems that you have to work for, search for, more rewarding to find.  This isn't just the case with Kaja, here.  I think I feel this way about almost every and any artist.  You don't know how disappointed I am when I pick up a single or go to download a new single, and there isn't a remix or a non-album b-side included.  KISS has sold a billion albums, but I don't think they have a single b-side that isn't already on an album.  Bullshit.  What sucks, too, is now that artists are releasing digital singles, it's generally just the one track, that's it.  Now that REALLY pisses me off.

I digress, but it's because I didn't have a whole lot to say about this one.  I like it, it's fun, and it was some extra tunes to mix into my playlist in my bedroom late at night doing my homework.  The rest of their material was marginal compared to this, and even this one can barely stand on it's own.  But, this little disc will roll in and complete your White Feathers set just nice.  It includes that lovely Dodi fanmix that is great, and I had a hell of a time trying to make that logo on the cover look dynamic enough.  I may have pulled it off, though...

SO, what are the words?  Are they

You're too shy.  hush hush, shy you are..

or are they

You're too shy. sh - sh - shy you are...

What are they?


  1. I've always thought the lyrics were "too shy shy, hush hush, eye to eye." Though I could be wrong ....

  2. That's exactly what I always thought too

  3. -= Martin L. Gore =-September 21, 2016 at 6:26 AM

    It's definitely "too shy shy, hush hush, eye to eye."

    I couldn't agree more with you about the singles lacking b-sides. It was so much fun to hunt down rare versions. I think that is partly what killed MEtallica in the 90s. They were famous for the B-side covers, so much that they had to release the double covers CD, and then inexplicably stopped doing them. I guess they don't want to share royalties. But they should still at least put an acoustic version on the B-side. Truly a shame.

    I used to also love hunting down the various editions of early Techno and Acid House releases (Acen, KLF, Coldcut, etc.) because each edition had a slightly different version (samples removed for copyright reasons usually), which made it very interesting. ... Now there is an interesting project for you down the road, if you get bored ... lol ... Think about how many versions there are of every ACEN song and every COLDCUT remix ... let alone Bass Bin Brothers or KLF. I have about 5 GB worth of KLF stuff and they only had two albums.

    btw, thanks for this Kaja release with all the different remixes!

  4. Leighton Buzzard's Finest ExportOctober 18, 2016 at 8:44 AM

    having seen the band a couple of times back in the day, I'd like to put it out there that Nick Beggs is a diamond geezer, can play bass better than Mark King and is still playing! Steve Askew can strum a tune as well and Mr. Croxford-Something or Other was classically trained. Jez Strode ... average drummer and as for Hammil ... a knobhead if you ask me, but you didn't ... but he is!

    That said I always thought the support band on their tour on the back of Too Shy far outshined them, a Scottish band called H20