Monday, September 19, 2016

Stereo MCs - Connected - 1992

A great album that I felt was a nice balance in the music scene of the early 90s.  It had a little more hip and a little more hop than your average baggy album.  It fit nicely between the guitars of Madchester and the electronic beats of Techno.  Very up beat and positive.  Some think that they were a one-hitter with Connected, but a lot of their material is great and shouldn't be ignored.

I liked the single Connected, and thought it was great with it's little cameo in the movie Hackers.  But, my favorite of the album was Step It Up.  Also, the FSOL mix of Connected is spectacular.  There are parts that get a little slow, but it comes back strong by the end, and I always feel good when I finish the album.  It just makes you feel that way...

I have most of the mixes here, and I didn't do too much with the cover, just accented the logo and title.  I got lazy and only made one cover for this one, so either print off two covers, or squeeze two discs into one case, you decide.

Now I have to hook up my new hard drive, my sixth...  That gives me about 12.5 TB of storage, and I already have it about full. Now, if I could only find a PetaByte drive somewhere......


  1. Brilliant! I have just tried ripping my CD and got errors on the last two tracks. Looking forward to hearing the remixes for a fresh take.

  2. ..thanks, just 1 question ¿¿ is this an official release..?? if so, what is the release date..??? have you heard about the "collected" 2014 BOXSET..??

  3. Thank you very, very much... my favorite album !! 🙏

    Great job !!! 👍