Friday, September 16, 2016

Additional note

 I'd like to  add one more small note here. I know that there have been a whole lot of comments that have been left on my posts, but I haven't replied to them. I want you all to know that I read it and cherish every comment that is left. Because, it means that someone is listening and pays attention to me. I know that sounds a little narcissistic  or self-indulgent,  but it is far from that. I appreciate and love everything that you guys leave.   Generally speaking, I don't have the time aside from making the initial post to go back and answer everyone. Plus, sometimes I don't know what to say. I wish I had the ability to articulate more but it is as it is.

I don't want to name any names but those of you who have left comments with your name, you know who you are. I love everything you have to say.  I also love the posts left by this one guy called anonymous. He seems to leave a lot of messages.

Talk at ya later...

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