Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lightning Seeds - Dizzy Heights - 1996

My favorite of all the Lightning Seeds albums, and possibly my favorite of all of Broudie's work, Dizzy Heights is a definite must-have for any serious Post Punk collection.  His writing and pop hooks are incredible, and the performance is exceptional.

This was a find of mine that happened mysteriously, as I didn't know it had been released.  I came across it in a closeout bin at the music store several years after it had been released.  I had his previous albums, but I hadn't been following him, so this one slipped by.  I snatched it up, and then scoured the internet for the singles (pre-Discogs, I think I was shopping on GEMM a lot.)  I didn't have everything until about 2009.

Not much more to say than that Broudie is simply brilliant, and everything he plays with turns into a classic.  It's unfortunate that he's only recognized among a small group of aficionados, such as ourselves, and not more mainstream.... 

This is just the album and the b-sides, fitting in at about an hour and seventeen minutes, filling the disc perfectly.  The mixes aren't bad, and I might pull those out later.  But, as an album, this stands well as it is.  I even like his version of Be My Baby....


  1. Definitely checking this one out! I only have "Cloudcuckooland" and "Sense" in hard copy (though I did DL "Jollification" from your blog!), and since you recommend this so highly and I love the ones I have, I'm sure I'll like it!