Thursday, September 8, 2016

Prince - Lovesexy - 1988

So, I haven't ever been this huge Prince fan.  For the longest time, his greatest hits albums were all I needed, as I couldn't connect with any of his music that wasn't drilled into me from the radio.  I always thought his music was a little too Soul, too R&B, for my tastes.  As time has gone by, I've grown to appreciate what a talented musician he was.  His death is a true loss to music in general, as he worked at it with such passion.

In the 90s I had a big kick of searching out 12" singles on vinyl.  I was always truly satisfied to find a Prince single, as there was always a remix, a b-side, and a remix of the b-side.  The singles were a must if you wanted to be complete.

The Prince era that I am most drawn to is his 80s albums - Around the World In A Day, Parade, Sign O the Times, Lovesexy, Batman and Graffiti Bridge. (I wonder why?  I mean, it wasn't like this was the time period in my life in which I was extremely receptive to music and my youth.)  Everything before and after is a loss to me.

This one is my second favorite behind Around the World, and just in front of my third favorite, Parade.  I've got all the b-sides, some demos, and all the remixes I could fit on one disc.  I had troubles coming up with a decent cover for the remix disc, as all the singles were packaged in those plastic sleeves with stickers.  And there aren't many pics on the net that I could find that would've been suitable.

I always thought this cover was hilarious...  What does that flower pistil on the white flower look like to you?  So close to Prince's lap?  Hmmmm...


  1. Batman and Graffiti Bridge are OK but 1999 and PURPLE FREAKING RAIN are "losses" to you? You're a mystery, you are.

  2. lol, What can I say? I really can't explain it.

  3. 1999 through Sign O the times are truly essential. As for this one, I though the cover was a bit of a joke at the time, some kind of statement, but who knows exactly, Venus as a boy? -- his hand just beneath his nipple, ha ha ha, truly over the top, but maybe he was serious. I felt he went a bit crazy working too hard while making Sign O The Times, everything after that was cool but after the band lineup changes it was not the same. Still, what he brought to the music was always fascinating and made it interesting even if it was not really something I would seek out otherwise.

  4. Please repost both - thanks!