Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Morrissey - Kill Uncle - 1991

Sandwiched between two of Morrissey's best albums - Bona Drag (a comp, I know) and Your Arsenal, comes this little number that was as dull as a square ball.  Nothing there, no fun, not going much of anywhere.  BUT, it is still Morrissey, and I will still have it and keep it and listen to it when I feel the mood creep over me.  All of the b-sides, but I kept a couple of mixes off, just to keep it real.

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  1. I'll just never understand. "Sing Your Life"? "Our Frank"? "Mute Witness"? "There Is A Place In Hell..."? "The Loop"? All fantastic stuff! I think this album has had a bum rap for far too long.
    Sure, it's not as muscular/lovely as the crisp YOUR ARSENAL; nor is it as treacle-beautiful as debut VIVA HATE (thank you Vini). But it has some really fantastic tracks on it. I think if he had scrapped "Harsh Truth..." & "Asian Rut", and then replaced them with "The Loop" and "Pregnant For The Last Time" (and maybe also "My Love Life" to bump up the running-time), people might have been a bit less harsh on it.
    Thanks for posting it :)