Monday, January 2, 2017

Lemon Interupt - Under the Proto-World - 1992

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2017!

The first time I heard Underworld was in the movie Hackers. I was a little late coming to the game, but I soon realized what a talented and innovative band they were.  In the 90s, Underworld, Orbital and Prodigy were my go-to outfits for great Electronica (I hate that moniker. Just another trendy label invented by corporate ignorance.)

Underworld has always put out excellent collections of their music.  Every time I made my own "deluxe edition", they would release their own that always made mine look stupid.  So, to be honest, any Underworld collection that I put out here will always be inferior to what's already out there.  Trust me, I would love to post more of their music.  But, what would be the point?

That's why, quite possibly, my only entry to the Underworld collections is one that they have never released as it's own little independent EP, even if it's been released collectively lumped into the newest Underworld set.  These are all of the Lemon Interupt tracks that I know of, along with their remix of a Leftfield track.  PLEASE, if you are aware of any other LI tracks out there, LET ME KNOW - SEND THEM TO ME.  I left plenty of space on the left to add any tracks I may have missed.

As for the cover, when I made it, I wanted to capture that early 90s techno feel in the typography and the colors.  As for the lemon pic, it does seem a bit cliche, as does the title I gave the EP, now that I look at it.  It's a little campy, now that I think about it.  So, if anyone so desires, I can remake the cover to seem a little classier and designed better.  If I don't hear any complaints, then it stays.  Rarely do I offer to redo a cover, but I think if it is needed, I'll do it for Underworld.

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  1. Leftfield - Song of Life (Lemon Interrupt Dub for Life)

    1. Yeah, it took me all of 2 minutes to find it, too. I will update the post later this evening. Thank you!!!

    2. The link and cover art has been updated

  2. In case you never heard of it before, you should check this one out also:
    Sven Väth - The Beauty and the Beast (Underworld Remix)

  3. Huge fan of Underworld myself!

  4. Huge Fan of Sven and Underworld....MASSIVE.