Saturday, January 7, 2017

Beloved Singles from 1992's Conscience....

The Beloved's 1992 album Conscience has MANY different singles with MANY different mixes, and a b-side called Motivation.  I have almost a hundred different mixes of all the songs and mixes, but I am having a couple problems...

-  Can anyone give me a complete rundown of all of the mixes from all of the singles?  I sincerely cannot tell if I have them all.  I may be missing some, I may have some that have different titles but are the same mix, I'm at a loss.

-  Does anyone have the Energetic Mix of Motivation?  Is there an original version of Motivation (un-remixed) out there?

Due to the number of mixes, I'm planning on doing a singles set, like I did for the Shamen singles, each with a different cover.  It's going to be a great, and very comprehensive set!

Any clues and information you can give me will be greatly appreciated (and will benefit all of us on February 2nd....  wink wink)


  1. I really, really wish I could help you with this, because I absolutely ADORE this band. (And okay, Jon Marsh in the "Hello" video might have made me swoon a little .... well, all right, A LOT.) But all I have is the cd singles for "Hello" and "Time After Time," even though I know there were a LOT of others. When the album and the singles came out, I was living in a tiny little in Virginia, and coming by hard copies of ANYTHING that wasn't Top 40 pablum was almost impossible, unless I ordered it from the Columbia House Record Club (remember those?), so I didn't even get those two singles until a few years later, when I had moved to a larger place and found them in a used record store.

    So good to see that someone else loves this band! They've been one of my favorites ever since I first heard/saw "Hello" on MTV.

  2. this is what I've got, though you're right - you never can tell with The Beloved - so many mixes!
    Sweet Harmony
    Bittersweet mix, Bonus Beats, Come together & consolidate mix, CT&C radio edit, Consolidated Club mix, Dub Together & Consolidate, Fertility Dance mix, Live the dream mix, Love The Dub mix, Sweet Sensation Mix, sweetheart club mix, toute de suite dub mix.
    Outerspace Girl
    Destination moon mix, instrumental, lost in bass mix, organism mix, space cadet mix, space dust mix, space hopper mix.
    Celebrate your life
    Cat in the hat mix, cest l vie mix, cest la vie power mix, cool cat power dub, cool cats dub mix, fit for life mix, fit for life radioe edit, radio edit
    rock to the rhythm of love
    jungle dub, shelter me dub, south pacific mix, swinging london mix, the murk ride, time to believe mix
    1000 years from today
    adam and eves commotion club, adam and eves timeless vocal, doc barons 80 proof mix, doc barons 101.9 mix, todd edwards dub
    think that is the lot - hope it helps

    1. Thanks for your help. I've got to double check my inventory to ensure I have all of it. I hope I haven't missed any, as I already have most of them "covered".