Thursday, April 20, 2017

Supergrass - Road To Rouen - 2005 - Nothing Extra Nothing More!

Nothing Extra Nothing More - Day Four - Supergrass - Road To Rouen - 2005
When this album came out, I dismissed it immediately before I even listened to it.  I had heard their previous albums, and I was convinced that they were still just angry screamy boys being silly.  I never listened to the album, ever.
Then, for whatever reason I cannot remember, I decided to pull this one out.  I think I may have heard one of the tracks on it somewhere or something, and thought, "maybe I ought to give it a listen...."
Surprisingly enough, Supergrass had grown up.  They were still a little angry and screamy, but they were also more mature, and they weren't silly anymore.  The tracks showed a definite maturity and growth, and Gaz Coombes had definitely shown to be a songwriter to be reckoned with.  Doesn't he sort of have a neanderthal monkey face?  Maybe I'm just being mean.
I feel bad and angry with myself for not giving the album a chance back when it came out.  It's a great disc.

BUT, there weren't any b-sides, mixes or unreleased material.  SO here it is....


  1. Well I hate to be contrarian on this, but there are a *few* bits of bonus material out there...
    - ST. PETERSBURG (instrumental mix)
    - LOW C (instrumental mix)
    - LADY DAY AND JOHN COLTRANE (cover version)
    - FIN (instrumental mix)
    - FIN (acoustic)

    I know it's not much, but it's all still wonderful, and a great addition to a FANTASTIC album. I'd say that their cover-version of LADY DAY AND JOHN COLTRANE is essential for fans; it's reverent to the source material, while adding a good dose of swagger. Just lovely stuff from a much-missed band.

    1. Please help me find this material if you can, as I would definitely like to update this! Any assistance would really be appreciated...........