Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Styx - Kilroy Was Here - 1983

I can already hear the groans out there, and you haven't even read the post yet.  Yes, I know I had planned to post The Railway Children today, but I didn't want to double up on Ricky's post several days ago.

This album is cheezy, it is trendy, it is dated, it is melodramatic.  But, it is great.  This brings back memories of third grade all over again.  Kids running around the playground during recess, pretending to be robots screaming Mr Roboto.  I got a copy of it as a kid from a friend who taped it off his dad's vinyl.  That, along with M's Pop Musik.  Holy Cow, did I play that thing.

But, the fact that it appealed to a third grader should tell you that the album itself really didn't have a lot to offer to a honed musical ear.  I know, after years of listening and reading up on other reviews and whatnot, that this album really was Styx at it's low end.  Although it sold a bunch of albums, the "Rock Opera" approach that DeYoung wished to pursue was not favored by the rest of the band.  To me, looking at their career and musical output, I think DeYoung had gone a little loopy and HE is the one that broke up the band.  Yeah, he's got a good voice, but DUDE!  LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID!!!

The only thing to add to this disc is the two Japanese mixes of Mr Roboto.  But, I really did a number on that logo, didn't I?


  1. -= Martin L. Gore =-April 4, 2017 at 7:41 PM

    My first criticism for you since you started this awesome blog. You should have added the B-side to Mr. Roboto: "Snowblind" ... I know it's technically a track from a prior album, but nonetheless it was the B-side to this killer, or should I say Kilroy single, and in my opinion their second best song of all time after Mr. Roboto. It would have perfectly rounded out your expanded version!

    On the other hand, I don't really care, because otherwise your version is superb as always, especially with the two additional remixes ... and almost more importantly, the excellent cover artwork!

    Thank you as always! Glad you're back in the 80s!

    1. Yes, I 100% agree with you on Snowblind. You'll get your Snowblind here eventually, though. Don't you worry about that!

  2. I saw this tour at the C.N.E. Grandstand (Toronto) and man oh man, was it pure theatrics. It was like watching a modern play with the occasional musical interlude. Enjoyable but confusing for a 12 year old who just wanted to jam-out to the back-catalogue.
    Looking forward to revisiting this album.

  3. "This album is cheezy, it is trendy, it is dated, it is melodramatic. But, it is great."

    Check, check, check, check......BZZZZZTTT. Oh, I'm so sorry. But we have a lovely version of our home game for you. Thanks for playing.

  4. Domo arigatou for the Japanese Dance Mixes, highly appreciated!

    Cheers, |cv|

    1. 😲 holy mother of mercy! One of the master mixers! I'm glad you like them. I wish you were still mixing, you were one of the best! Thanks for visiting!