Sunday, April 2, 2017

Manufacture - Terrorvision - 1988

I had just discovered Skinny Puppy a few weeks before, and now my eyeballs were open for anything that might be similar in style, as I was smitten.  I saw this one on vinyl, the beautiful Gilmore cover, dark brooding song titles and the same record label.  Awesome!

This was the first time I heard Sarah McLachlan, too.  As the End Draws Near is by FAR the best song on the album.  The music is good, not bad, but not close at all to SP.  I tend to think that they weren't trying to sound like SP, as SP has a sound all it's own.  I would put Manufacture's first album more in line with Front Line Assembly and the likes.

I have pretty much everything on here, let me know if I've missed anything....

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  1. Another fine post! I too, found out about this one around the same time I was getting into Skinny Puppy, MOEV, Tear Garden et al. (Nettwerk).