Thursday, April 13, 2017

Orbital - In Sides - 1996 - Already Been Deluxed!

Already Been Deluxed - Day Four - Orbital - In Sides - 1996

This was really a tough one for me to decide.  I couldn't decide whether it was already deluxed (as it would've been from day one) or if it was an album better suited for next week's Nothing Extra theme.  As it does have the Box single, and the additional Macro-Head track, I rolled the dice and put it in this week's theme.

I personally feel that this is Orbital's best and most cohesive album from their entire catalog.  My wife and I had just been married when this one came out, and it brings back the joys and pains of that first year her and I had, as we sorted our new life out and put it together with each other.  I remember listening to the Box single while laying on my couch.  From beginning to end, it put me into a trancelike state.  And when the final mix came on with Allison and Grant, it was like a snap back to reality and the song took on a surreal aspect.  Wonderful.

All that aside, if you listen to the album, seriously and with all of your attention, from beginning to end, you'll see that the album is absolutely magical.  The only single we got from this beauty was The Box, but I would have seriously considered Out There Somewhere, as well.  It's the best track(s) on the album.  But, a 24-minute song might be a little tough to release as a single.  And editing it would ruin it's overall effect.  AND, I refuse to count The Saint/The Sinner as part of this album.  It just isn't.  It's not a bad single, it's just definitely not part of this album (and neither is the LIVE stuff they released with it later...)

If you haven't already heard this, (and I'm sure most of you already have) then you're missing an absolutely fabulous masterpiece.  It's pure gold.



  1. Macro Head definitely isn't an In Sides track either, but it's good to hear it!

  2. This is a marvelous album. I have the cd, and it was my first exposure to Orbital. Heard "The Box" in a record store and absolutely HAD to have the album. I love it from start to finish!