Monday, April 3, 2017

Strangelove - Self-titled - B-Sides - 1997

This is sort of a tough one to post.  I LOVE their music.  Their songs are written very well.  Their performance as a band is impeccable.  But, I hate their vocals.  Sitting behind my keyboard I find it hard to say that Patrick Duff is a talentless hack, because who am I to say that?  I've tried numerous times to pop in their CD and enjoy their music, which I do, but Duffy's vocals grate on my nerves.  Maybe that was the point? 

These are the b-sides to their last album.  There are a few little gems in there, some really fun and tongue in cheek tracks.  If you can get past the vocals, that is...

Short post tonight, not much to say about this one. I had all the tracks and thought I'd throw it together for a little late-90s Britpop post.  The weather is nice, and I'm going to go outside and smoke cigarettes.  Have a great evening....


  1. Hi

    I've tried to leave many comments on your blog but for some reason they don't appear. I'm not sure if it's anything to do with the software I'm using. So I'm trying a new computer today.

    I just want to say the stuff you do is brilliant. It's really refreshing to see albums looked at from another perspective. At home I tend to try and "build" expanded editions of albums with remixes, b-sides etc. It's amazing what gems are sometimes hidden on a b-side and it's good to see the care and time you input into the compilations you create. I hope you're opening many people's ears to the less obvious stuff.

    So keep up the good work. I also hope the things you talk about in your personal life work out for you too. Life's a bitch and a beach!

    All the best and thanks for your blog.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I really do appreciate it.

  2. About the voice thing -- I'm the same way with an early 90s heavy metal band called I, Napoleon. I love their lead singer Steve Napoleon's voice because it's unusual, but most people who I've played the cd for insist that he either sounds like a) two skeletons fucking on a corrugated tin roof, or b) a rabid wildebeest being dismembered with a chainsaw.

    What it all comes down to is -- well, different strokes and all that. What some people like, others hate. It's always been like that, especially with an art form like music, which is so subjective. But hey, y'know -- if we all liked he same thing all the time, the world would be a pretty boring place to be in!

  3. are you kidding man? Patrick Duff is a brilliant singer and his lyrics are wonderful. He went through a lot of addiction and trauma during those Strangelove years. I understand that his voice isn't for everyone; but the driving dark force behind Strangelove was always the voice and thoughts of Duff.

  4. Hi, I know this post has been around for a while, but could you please re-upload this file? The link is dead, and there is no other site to download this album. Please I beg you! Please answer