Saturday, April 8, 2017

Kaiser Chiefs - Your's Truly Angry Mob - 2007

After their glorious debut, the Kaiser Chiefs followed it with a skillful and solid sophomore release.  Even though it wasn't as slammin' as their first.  Starting with the strong Ruby single, the album really doesn't disappoint.  It's a nice slice of British Pop/Rock.  They do show some maturity here, and it isn't as carefree and wild as their previous, but it holds it's own with strong pop hooks and melodies.  To me, the only "anthem" track would be Ruby, and that isn't anywhere close to I Predict A Riot.  I still like it a lot, and adds another great album to a list of incredible albums from England around that time...

Monday begins a new theme week here on AtAIML.  There have been SOOOOO many albums that I've wanted to post, but there was already a deluxe version out there.  I couldn't best them, they were a perfect set.  That being said, Monday begins....
One week of albums that have already been given that special treatment that they deserve.  There are quite a few choice nuggets that I'm sure you will enjoy.

Following that, the Monday after, will begin another themed week, back-to-back.  That theme week will be called....
This will be for all of those albums that I'd love to post, but they don't have any additional material that I can add.  These albums deserve some attention, even though I don't have anything more to make them extra AtAIML special.

Anyway, stay tuned and have a great Saturday!


  1. I really like this album. While I agree that it's not as powerful as the first one, it's still a really solid record with some good tunes. They definitely beat the "sophomore slump" with this one. I think they're a consistently good band.

    As for the next theme week -- okay, so the albums have already been deluxed. That just means that your versions are the SUPER SIZE!

    And as for the Nothing Added week .... well, I tend to like my hamburgers pretty plain, with just ketchup and mustard and no bells & whistles (but then, with the diabetes, I kind of have to). And sometimes I like my albums the same way. Both weeks sound pretty awesome to me!