Sunday, April 9, 2017

Berlin - Love Life - 1984

This has always been a "sexy" group in my eyes.  Not just the albums per se, but the entire group, their material and their career.  It surprises me, looking at their history and career, that Crawford and Dunn were never romantically involved, as it seemed to be a fitting scenario for a love-locked couple.  I mean, look at the cover to this album!

This will probably be the only Berlin album that I post, as it's my favorite.  Moving into the Count Three sessions, and I lost interest.  They had drifted into the commercialized Pop sound the Top Gun song was the last straw.  By then, American New Wave bands were dying anyway, and Pop music was drifting into the Wang Chung/Johnny Hates Jazz/Cutting Crew era of sound.

The Berlin logo I put on the back of the cover is one from one of their singles from the album.  I love the typeface, and I'm even thinking of making a font of it.  BUT, now that I look at it, I'm not sure if I like the steel texture I gave it, as it doesn't really fit the album.  I also feel, looking at it now, that although the light and dark brown lines on the back match the colors on the front, they make the back cover look a little too much like a poop color.  But, it is what it is, now.  Maybe when I run out of albums to do, or I have a "REVISIT WEEK", I can come back and redo this one....

And tomorrow starts the "Already Deluxed Week"....  I'll see you then!


  1. I was in my second year of college when this album came out, and I played it to death. LOVED every song on it. Got the cd when it was released, just to have a cd copy of it as well as my original vinyl. I hadn't listened to it in months, even though I have the cd ripped to my hard drive. When I saw that you'd posted it, I downloaded your version with the extras -- and damned if it doesn't still sound just as wonderful to me as it did 33 years ago in my college days! I still love every song on this album, and I can remember all the words to them.

    This band was so woefully underrated. Terri Nunn really does have a great voice, and John Crawford is an incredible songwriter. I'll never get tired of this album.

    (If you want to hear something just as great as this one, check out Terri's solo album, "Moment of Truth." The songs are terrific and she sounds great.)

  2. And hey now, don't rag on Johnny Hates Jazz. Clark Datchler is a terrific vocalist, and their "Turn Back the Clock" album has some truly great songs. Their second album, "Tall Stories," wasn't nearly as good, but the lead-off track, "Let Me Change Your Mind Tonight," is a slice of pure pop heaven.