Sunday, April 23, 2017

Guadalcanal Diary - Flip Flop - 1989 - Nothing Extra, Nothing More!

Nothing Extra, Nothing More - LAST Day - Guadalcanal Diary - Flip-flop - 1989

I got this on cassette during the second semester of my Junior year in High School.  Then, I sold it back to the music store when I was converting my collection to CDs in 1991.  Then, I bought it again, on CD, a year later.  Then, three years later, I was getting married and I needed some cash, so I sold it back to the music store.  Then I found it at a used music store in Ames, Iowa in 1998, so I bought it again.  I sold it back in 2002 shortly after my first son was born, and I needed money yet again.  Then, I bought it again in 2005 from a used music store, and decided this time, no matter what, I WOULD NOT sell it back, no matter what.  This time, I still have it.

I love this album.  You wouldn't think so, with the way I kept getting rid of it, but I kept missing it and had to have it back.  I think it's because I was updating my music a lot, and I kept thinking that American College Rock was for shit.  But, not this album.  Not then, not now, not ever.  Just when I think it's time to get rid of it, now, I take it out and play it, and I know that I could never part with it.

If you have not heard of Guadalcanal Diary, I'll give you some reference points.  Think REM, Pixies, Husker Du and the Smithereens.  They run along that vein.  The vocals though, definitely remind me of Michael Stipe, but with their own quality.  Musically, it's straight forward College Rock, with measured dose of Country twang, and a lot of Pop hooks.  Nearly every song is one you can sing along with and enjoy (except Whiskey Talk, that's the worst song on the album.)

I first heard this group when I saw their video on MTV for Always Saturday.  It's a great song.  I was getting big into the above mentioned bands, and this fell right in line with them.  Plus, I loved the Elecktra label spines at the time with the bold, black Impact typeface that every one of their cassettes had.  They looked cool.  After the first listen, I knew the album was a winner.  Why I continued to sell it back to the music store is still a mystery to me.

BUT, no b-sides mixes or unreleased tracks.  Not even a demo.  If you find any, send them my way...


  1. Fun album, you're right on track with the reference points for them... especially REM.

  2. I think there was a non-album track on the Always Saturday cassingle....

  3. Kiss Of Fire. I can't find it on the inter web anywhere...........

    1. I seem to remember it being a throw away piece and not really that great. Sort of like ...Vista.

  4. I LOVE this band! I was a big fan back in the 80s, after I saw them (and Love Tractor) open for REM a couple of times. If you think this album is great (and it is!) then you should hear their debut, "Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man." If the song "Watusi Rodeo" doesn't get your toes tapping, nothing will!

    Also, their singer Murray Attaway made a TERRIFIC album back in the 90s called "In Thrall." HIGHLY recommended for GD fans, I think it's just as good as anything the band ever did.

  5. Thanks for this one.
    There are still some old live concerts available with working links:

  6. Their 2x4 album is pretty much a perfect album.