Friday, July 29, 2016

La la la Late Post....

Tonight I will be going to see my son in a performance for/with his Summer volunteering activities.  I work until 5pm Central, and won't be home until 10pm Central, but I'll make my post for Friday before I go to bed.

BUT,  THIS WILL BE THE BEST POST OF THE WEEK IF NOT THE MONTH.  I can guarantee you will be loving this one.

So, set your alarm clocks to check the blog out between 11pm and 1am Central and come see what I've got for you.  It will definitely be worth it....

See you tonight...


  1. Looking forward to it... it'll only be 5 - 7pm for me. I'm assuming from the picture it will be Duran Duran... cool I like what you've done with them already. Can't wait for some more.

  2. interest certainly piqued as you've offered loads of quality music of late....will check 1st thing in AM!