Saturday, July 30, 2016

Anything Box - Peace - 1990

Don't be ashamed to say you love Anything Box.  Yes, they sound like early DM bubblegum pop and I can't help but envision a Sophomore teenage girl listening to this in her bedroom while she's doing her homework.  But, it's actually really good music!  Honest to god!

What's funny is I picked this one up while I was in Biloxi Mississippi in 1990 while I was in Tech Training for the Air Force.  I'm marching around in fatigues and in a dorm with a bunch of guys listening to either Metallica or NWA, and here I am listening to Anything Box.  Needless to say, I only heard this one through headphones the entire time I was there.

I think I picked it up, again, because it was on the Sire label, and I was in love with DM and Erasure, and I knew that there was a lot of other great bands like Book of Love, Morrissey and Echo and the Bunnymen as well.  I wasn't disappointed, either.  I knew from the first song that it was going to be good.  The first half of the album is strong, but it peters off on the second half.  The single mixes are pretty good, too.

I'm pretty sure I got all of the tracks, and the best of the remixes.  I know there are a few mixes that I left off for space constraints.  Nice little set, though.  It's a nice filler to pull out once in a while to mix with your 80s/90s synth bands. 


  1. I love Anything Box. I love Anything Box. I love Anything Box.
    Thanks, friend.

  2. I'd never even heard of Anything Box before, but by now I'm so used to taking things on your recommendation, that I downloaded it anyway - and it's brilliant - thank you very much!