Friday, July 22, 2016

Paul Oakenfold - DJ Boxes - Unmixed

I know that this isn't really what my blog is about, but it's Friday, time to go have some fun and dance to something modern, energetic and exciting.  Paul Oakenfold has always been one of my favorite remixers, starting way back in he was mixing Shamen on En-tact.  His solo material is good as well.  But, his skills as a DJ are what people know most about him.

Every month (give or take) Paul releases his DJ box, to let people know what he's spinning at that time.  There is a lot of great material to be had on every disc.  Every once in a while, I'll throw a couple of these out there, as it gives me the opportunity to make my covers without any preconceived ideas of what they should look like.  It's all me and Photoshop, then.

Yeah, I know.  I phoned this one in.  Hope your not too disappointed....

So, here's two months of DJ Box.  Rip them, burn them and party on....


  1. any time you want to add to these Oakie boxes feel free :-) Thanks for the ups, much appreciated

  2. Agreed. No one and I mean NO ONE has the October 2016 DJ Box out there. Please upload!

  3. Hello guys , what is your opinion about this sample resource?