Monday, July 25, 2016

EMF - Schubert Dip - 1991

When this album came out I was a lonely boy.  My best friend was off to college in Missouri, and I didn't have a girlfriend.  Most of my friends from High School had moved on, and the ones that didn't were busy with their own lives, to busy to mess with me.  College friends were rare, as I lived off campus, and everyone else seemed to have developed these dorm room friendships that I couldn't really even break into.  I had work, school and my "blessed" parents.  I say that with a grimace and and gritting of teeth.

But, this album did come out in May of 1991, as I was taking my finals for Spring Semester.  My best friend came back from school for the summer and got a part time job at a restaurant.  We'd work days, and at night we'd head out and have a good time.  We both were making good money and had no real responsibilities to speak of, so we blew a shit ton of money on movies, eating out, music, booze and comic books.  What a life. 

By the end of the summer I was sick of the bastard and just wanted him to go back to school.

This was one of the albums we listened to as we "cruised" up and down the main drag of our city in the late evenings.  We'd drive up and down, back and forth, see a lot of school friends and a lot of women.  We'd turn up the fast songs, and turn down the slow, but I bet we listened to this thing a hundred times in 3 months time.  I used to know the rap to Unbelievable by heart.

Now, it seems dated and really not a very good album.  The songs were catchy, trendy and poorly written.  But it brings back a summer of my life that was carefree and fun.  Whenever I start to feel nostalgic, this is one that I pull out to remember the good times.

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  1. oddly enough, I taught the niece of one of the band members from EMF here in Shanghai (she is an expat)