Sunday, July 10, 2016

Public Image Limited - PiL - Nine - 1989

The first time I saw the PiL logo, it was a sticker on the back window of a mid-70s volkswagen bug in my High School parking lot.  I always thought the logo was really cool and a great design.  The guy who owned the bug was a really scurvy looking dude with a long flop hairdo and a big nose.  It took me a while to put it together, but when I did, I picked up a few of their 45s at the record store to give them a try.  This was the first album of theirs that I actually purchased, though.

I think that despite the SP connection, PiL are an acquired taste that either grows on you or doesn't.  I can only listen to about 3 of their albums, this being one of them, because I can't tell if they're being experimental, or attempting to sound somewhat talentless, or if they really are without talent.  Yes, the image is cool, and I know that Malcolm McLaren did a lot of promoting of the group as an art piece, but at times, a lot of times, the songs are just hard to listen to.

I think this album is pretty good, though.  I made out with a girl to it, and I still think of that occasion when I here these tunes.  It's one of those discs that I've had in my collection since I started collecting CDs, and it's not going anywhere.  I've lost discs, worn discs out and repurchased them, sold them back to the record stores, garage sales and pawn shops.  But, I will never part with this one.  It's a fucking original.

Anyway, popped on the only b-side and 3 mixes.  Good enough.


  1. Malcolm McLaren had nothing to do with PIL. Mr. Lydon would be upset if he knew you said that Malcolm McLaren had anything to do with them. Lydon's break from the Sex Pistols was also a break from McLaren. Metal Box was their best, though that one may not be one of your three.

  2. That's interesting to know. I had always thought McLaren was pushing PiL. I didn't know he was even working with the Pistols. You learn something new every day. Maybe, the next time I'm a little fuzzy on the facts, I should do a little more research... Thanks for you comments.