Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Information Society - Self-titled - 1988

Classic sing-along songs from the late 80s, I have always been a big fan of this album and Hack.  The rest of their music is a major Meh.  Nothing in the way of b-sides, I have the best of the mixes from the album on here.  I know that there's more, but they aren't that great and I ran out of disc space.  Maybe I can make a second remix disc called Shitformation Society, because that's what it sounds like.

ANYWAY, this brings back more memories of High School and my move from Chicago to the midwest.  It's bittersweet, but I'll get by.  I remember listening to this when one of my friends borrowed his mom's station wagon and we went for a drive.  He said "Watch this..." and opened it up in a residential area.  He got it going about 75 miles an hour, and we came to a huge dip in an intersection.  We hit it so hard, the station wagon LITERALLY caught air.  In a residential area.  In a station wagon.  He was howling with laughter, whooping and hollering, while I clutched the "Oh Shit" bar and sucked the seat cushion half way up my ass.  "That was F**king Awesome!!!!" he screamed, and he wanted to do it again.  All I could envision was smashing through some front yard and into someone's living room while the engine drops out of the bottom and the tires exploding.  Needless to say, we didn't do it again.

I'm really struggling today.  Work was difficult, as I had to deal with two different clients that I would like to choke the life out of.  It sucks when you have to acquiesce to a client to ensure business, and they know it and take advantage of that fact to belittle and demean you just to squeeze another dime or assert some sort of authority.  I know if I pay money for something, I expect the best for the dollar I'm spending.  But, I don't berate the salesman just because I can.  A lot of times I think that clients forget that it's supposed to be a two-way relationship and that you're better treating your sales representatives with some respect, so that way they'll actually work for you to get you the best deal.  Right now, I could slap those prick fuck douche bags with a 56% profit margin and wouldn't give a rats ass.  If they'd been fair and equitable and worked WITH me, I'd be a little more inclined to look out for their best interests.  Not now.

So, now that I have that off my chest, enjoy a little InSoc, and have a beer on me....


  1. I totally understand you. Don't feel frustrated, music heals. By the way, I love that Club mix.
    Note: Can I add Peace and Love, Inc. as a great album?
    Thanks for the healing sounds. Cheers from the other side of the rock.

  2. This is a bad joke, but it has to be said.

    It's a shame you can't tell those clients what's on your mind. (Wink wink nudge nudge.)

    Sorry. I had to.

  3. Has anyone told you lately how badly we miss your blog and all the fantastic stuff you've supplied over the years? I'm certain I speak for a whole thundering herd of anons who love reading the context of your choices as much as listening to the albums themselves.

    For me, Information Society was one of the few groups I turned to when I needed a fresh Depeche Mode (style) fix between Music For The Masses and Violator. Frightens the hell out of me because these days I'm hearing tracks from IS and DM in the grocery store.

    A few weeks ago, just as the weather started finally getting warm, Depeche Mode's "Enjoy The Silence" came on and oh God... it was Heaven. I just leaned back against a shelf full of paper towels and let the music wash through me. You've seen club kids do that, right? That thing where they just close their eyes and silently mouth the lyrics? I was lost... lost in that song. When I opened my eyes, I had some punky store clerk staring at me, slightly amused, a little aghast. Hell, he was my age when I first heard that song on MTV.

    I don't feel too embarrassed, not after today. I was stuck in the "express line" and Information Society's "What's on you mind" started and lucky me, the speaker was right overhead. The woman in front of me didn't space out as badly as I did with DM, but she was mouthing the lyrics perfectly. Her head started swaying ever-so-slightly from side to side and (I had to check) sure enough her hip muscles were twitching hard.

    Somewhere underneath that 40-something mother shell was a seventeen year old girl with a fake ID who was shaking her ass under the strobe lights in a club that got demolished decades ago for another Home Depot outlet.

    "sucked the seat cushion half way up my ass"

    Google tells me nobody has ever, ever come up with that distinct piece of awesomeness. Google also tells me the moment I plagiarize it, everyone will know. :D

    You were a good friend.

    If a goblin like me had been riding shotgun with your buddy, hey, you wanna do it again? Go for it! Betcha can't hit 80 this time! Even back in junior high, I realized the best some people can do is entertain the rest of us.

    If "Snotty" Pelletier finally succeeds in ramming a ball-point pen all the way up his nose and it gets stuck? Well! Ms. Stackpole's English class just got interesting for the first time all year.

    Cruising with a guy like that... it's his car (or his mom's), his rules. If he wants to try doing every crazy thing we'd seen in a Molly Ringwald comedy, no problem! Yeah, sometimes the engine does drop out the bottom or the front suspension punches through the hood. Real cars aren't reinforced like stunt cars in the movies.

    What of it? He's the one who's going to do the explaining. If we have to climb out through the windshield over the ruins of a picture window, a wide-screen TV and a Lay-Z-Boy sofa, shucks, let's hope his mom kept her insurance policy up to date.

    The only thing that's going to bother me is if I can't get my Information Society cassette out of his dash before I split.

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    Thank you very much. :)