Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Billy Idol - Vital Idol - 1985

Vital Idol was originally released in 1985 as a compilation of his extended remixes.  But, there were only 7 tracks on it.  I've upped it to 11, and added a new cover, that was supposed to look better than the previous.  I guess it does, but I think it may look too modern for the songs.  Not sure.

Today is my first son's 15th birthday.  As the years have passed, he's made me more and more proud to be his father. He has grown, not just physically and mentally, but spiritually, beyond my wildest beliefs. He makes me aspire harder and harder to be a better dad, and a better person day after day, by leading a positive and optimistic life. Lucas, you are a wonderful son, and I look forward to your bright and hopeful future. I love you, big guy!


  1. Thanks so much for this and Happy Birthday Lucas.

  2. Thanks so much for this and Happy Birthday Lucas.

  3. That cover reminds me of an SNL skit where Sting pretended to be Billy Idol.

  4. Happy BDAY Lucas, your father is a GREAT father !

    And of course, Billy was and is an IDOL (watching him in CRoatia 2 years ago...MASSSIVE Show with Steve Stevens !

  5. Love yr site and everything you do - you're honestly one of my first on-line stops. And as I've mentioned before, you do the same as I (restructure the albums to what I believe to be perfection), so a major ongoing tip of th' hat to ya!
    That cover though.... I wouldn't have messed with Tobe Hooper's original shot from the D.W.Myself video. This looks like it belongs more on CYBERPUNK than this compilation ;)
    Cheers! :D