Friday, February 17, 2017

Paul Oakenfold - DJ Boxes June & July - 2015

Here's a few DJ Boxes for you tonight.  Just some mind-numbing dance music, which is exactly what I need right now.

You know, when it rains it fucking pours in my fucking house.  I thought that by this time in my life, approaching 50 (in five years, I know) I would have sorted myself by now.  But, shit keeps stacking and life keeps piling and you feel like you're drowning and don't know which way is up.  I want to get in my car and start driving and keep driving until I run out of gas, then start walking and keep walking until my legs can't support me anymore.  I know running from my problems won't solve them, but that's all I feel that I can do.  What's bad, is they're fucking problems that have haunted me my entire fucking god-forsaken life.  If it weren't for the sake of my boys and my wife, I would have checked out a long time ago.  Sometimes, I just hate living.

Have a happy Friday.

June 2015      July 2015


  1. they're fucking problems that have haunted me my entire ... life

    Mate, they are problems you have managed your entire life. And despite them you have retained the love of a good woman and created a loving family. That's a lot more than many people ever manage. And you've tried to do the right thing every day. That's not a godforsaken life. That's a life with meaning and value. Please hold onto it. I know you can get over this hump, because you've clearly done it in the past. Take care of yourself.

    peace and bubbles


  2. Yes take care... shit is shit, life is never perfect. No one really wants to check out, but expectations, disappointment, can be difficult to bare... however hopefully you and your family have health. Some things you can't replace. everything else...

  3. All I can say is, I've been there.

    I'm 47. Always been a bit of a disappointment to my family and friends, but I'm still here. I know I'll never be a lawyer/doctor/vet or anything that was ordained for me, but there's still hope that one day I will do something and say "I made a difference".

    You make a difference to me every time you post.

    Stick around, Kid.

    1. Peas in a pod, man. I appreciate your thoughts.