Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Erasure - The Circus - 1987

 Yay!  I'm back online!  Amazing, isn't it?!  To be honest, I'm rather impressed with how my technician from AT&T set up our system, and the programming seems to be a lot better, too.  Still too many channels, though.  It's almost overwhelming. Now, all I have to do is get a VPN and I'm back in business....

This one took me a little while to get used to.  I got this after I had Wild and the Innocents, so the style is obviously very different.  But, I now listen to it compared with a lot of later Erasure from the 2000s, and I can see them taking cues from this one.  Although it's not my favorite album of theirs, it is definitely quintessential Erasure, by far.  It's a wonderful listen, even though I don't have any recollection of it from my youth.  Only my late teens and early 20s.

I never did like the layout of the 2-Ring Circus, so I've adjusted and added and taken out all of the live material.  Again, the live material will be "realized" in the next couple weeks with my "Live Week".  But, adding all the mixes really makes it whole.  All of the mixes fit onto 2 discs, but there are still two "single remixes" that didn't fit, so I just tagged those on as a couple extra tracks.  I actually had fun making the cover for the Remix discs, as I got to type along a curve, which I hadn't done before.  I should do it again, sometime....

I've caught up a bit.  I've got cover art made through the 24th of March, and I have scheduled out all my albums through mid-June.  And, there's still a lot more than that still to come.


  1. Nice, full assortment and neat-o covers - but you really shouldn'ta oughta split the orchestral tracks up like that. They really work well as a sort of three part suite, as per the original.

    1. You are right,when I think about it. Maybe I should have kept them together and put them at the back end of the second disc. I had decided to split them up exactly because they were similar in sound, and I didn't want to shift the feeling of the mix album by leaving them together, to give it a little diversity. But, in hindsight, you might be right. They would have sounded good as an "outro" to the mix collection as a whole....

  2. welcome back... glad to see you online again!