Wednesday, February 15, 2017

MC Tunes V 808 State - The North At Its Heights - 1990

Forget the fact that it's old school rap. Just listen to the music.  To me, it's 808 at their best.  Well, maybe not their best, but damn good.

My version differs slightly from the Japanese deluxe version released 6 years ago.  I don't have a couple mixes, and I didn't put Pump or More on as well.  I stuck with what I have, as it's what I remember as a kid (is 19 a kid anymore?)  Regardless, it's a great little album for 808.


  1. Well, what CAN i say about this post? Other than, blimey, a blast from the past and wither McTunes now?

    Manchester, capital of England? Really?

  2. Excellent work, as always, this really is one of the best blogs around. Just a thought on this post though, it seems as though the bonus tracks are missing, it's just the basic CD.

  3. Just MAGIC, just effin' MAGIC!!
    Yes, Neville, on the eighth day God created Manchester and he was Kool as PHUQ - hah!
    808 & Nicky ;o) were terrific 'disciples' ('Tunes furthered his excellences with Dust Junkys) ....
    And the great part of it all was I WAS THERE to witness the magnificent madness unfold: The Hac, Man Alive, Eastern Bloc, The Blackburn Raves .... Sunset 'The Kickin' FM'