Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Cyndi Lauper - She's So Unusual - 1984


I'm sitting here looking at this post, and I have nothing to say.  Really.  Nothing good, nothing bad, nothing nothing.  My brain is still thinking about work, and I have family making noise around me and I just made that post on my Cure entry from yesterday...  And I can't think of a single damn thing to say.


Let's see.  I've been binge watching "The 100" on Netflix and Star Wars "Rebels" on Disney XD (with my son on that one.)  Last night for supper I made Baked Chicken and Wild Rice with Cream of Mushroom Soup.  I've been trying to avoid listening to any of the political horse shite that's going on right now....  I didn't watch the Super Bowl.  Hmmmmmm......

All I can say about CL that I haven't already said in my previous posts about her is that this album was popular when I first started listening to music seriously.  It was girly and she had a squeekie voice, so she annoyed me a bit.  I obviously grew to like and respect her later.  She was like the good-girl Madonna.  I remember her "Dad" was in the WWF for a while, and she showed up ringside once or twice.  Funny stuff.


I have recently gone through the websites that I peruse looking for "New" new music.  Like really new stuff.  and I don't know half the groups out there.  More than half.  I don't recognize names, songs, nothing.  I don't know any Lady Gaga songs, I don't know who this Thicke guy is, I haven't heard a Beyonce song, and I thought Justin Boober was still popular.  Am I that old?  Have I fallen out of the role of knowing the cutting edge of music and into the role of old man pining for better days?  And, if I have, is that so bad?

Maybe it's just me, but I've noticed that ever since the internet started exposing people to more diverse musics, the radio has become sort of secondary.  I feel that people are more apt to listen to Progressive Rock or 80s Jazz or Thrash Metal now, than they were 20 years ago.  People aren't as dependent on what the radio dial tells them to listen to anymore.  I'll say this, I haven't listened to FM radio in 20 years or more.  I think the exposure to more styles of music has allowed a resurgence in styles that were dying out, like Glam Metal and Hard Rock.  Artists are also able to garner exposure more through the internet without a label, sometimes, too.  Now, it's not up to the labels to decide what people will listen to, as much as the reverse.

Anyway, just diarrhea of the mouth (or fingers in this case)  Hope you enjoy Cyndi's first album.


  1. I love this album. It came out when I was 19, in my second year of college. I had always been that kid who was "weird," the one who dressed in bizarre clothes and had strange hair and listened to all that odd music. From the time I was a freshman in high school until four years later when this album came out, I was out of step with everyone and everything -- at least that was how I felt. I was always on the outside looking in.

    This album changed all that. Cyndi made it COOL to be considered "different." For girls like me, who wore fishnet stockings and vintage dresses and dyed our hair and listened to music that no one else had ever heard of -- and got made fun of and bullied constantly because of it -- this record was SUCH a vindication of who we were. Suddenly, it wasn't just okay to be like us -- everybody WANTED to be like us! It was a heady feeling of "yeah, I always told you I was cool, it just took this long for you to figure it out!" And for that reason alone, this album will always have a special place in my heart. In a lot of ways, it helped me assert myself and be more confident about who I was.

    And not only that, but the songs are pop gems. (And to add to the coolness quotient, two members of one of my favorite bands, Rob Hyman and Eric Bazilian of the Hooters, played on the album and co-wrote some of the songs -- Rob is the guy who's singing on "Time After Time" with Cyndi.) There's not one single song on this record that I don't absolutely love. With this album, Cyndi proved that you could be different and buck the system and still make it. She rules!

  2. Consider checking out Cyndi's first front-woman band Blue Angel. Cheeky 50s at best, but a fun case of "before she was famous"